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Take Their Word, Not Just Ours...

Helping a commercial renovation fitout company through the growing pains of rapid growth.

“Quantum has been there all the way through the different iterations. The company has grown approximately 25% year on year for about the last 3 years and the growth does put a strain on cash flow, so those sort of accurate figures and forecasting is very critical.”

Carl McKay | Director, Cyclo Group

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Acoufelt wanted an accountant based, operational strategy partner that was proactive and innovative.

Acoufelt™ is all about Making Quiet™ for working, learning and living spaces. World class thought leadership drives the Acoufelt Acoustic FWC™ Philosophy of delivering acoustic materials suitable for all three surfaces; Floor, Wall and Ceiling. Our industry specific innovative solutions eliminate compromise, allowing you to design for the ears as well as the eyes.

“For Acoufelt, being a high growth firm starting from ground base nearly 2 years ago, we feel there is not 1 particular service but rather a supportive business partner culture defined as a “Entrepreneurial Financial Advisor”. We decided to make Quantum a partner in our business as an external body to work with us setting our monthly and yearly operational goals and then be a voice outside the room to keep the company accountable to those.”

Ben Grace | General Manager, Acoufelt

Ben’s Advice:

``If you are content with where you are in business, don’t bother switching!``

More than just a business relationship with the largest manufacturer of canisters globally.

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    “Appointing Quantum was the best decision we have made since we opened our doors over 25 years ago.”


    “The whole change has been an excellent exercise and we are completely settled knowing that we now have the right advice from a company that treats our company as if it were its own. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Alistair and the team at Quantum to any business looking for a proactive, responsive and forward thinking accounting firm to help them grow their business.”

    Ross Barker | Managing Director, Steelcorp