Two things in life that are certainties are;

  1. Water doesn’t run up hill
  2. And neither do humans unless pushed. Or bribed.

Sometimes it can feel as though getting someone to do something requires effort, 87904 emails or phone calls, or a magnificent batch of chocolate brownies.

As humans, we’re not wired to change our behaviour spontaneously. We like the familiar.

In the same way that gravity helps water find the easiest path to the ground, our behaviour tends to alter only in favour of making things less effortful. Building a business takes effort and dedication. Until you break down tasks, sometimes it can all feel a bit too much.

We all want to get the most out of our days. So how can you help your team (and yourself) get the most out of the day without overcomplicating things? Here are some tips, which once you nail will help build your business grow and thrive.

Plan Ahead

Before you leave the office today, take five minutes to write down ONE goal you will achieve tomorrow.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting things done is deciding which thing is more important and which one to start on first. Breaking the big things up into bite size chunks helps to make the ‘big stuff’ manageable.

Of course, there will be other things which you need to achieve during the day to keep the wheels turning, but writing one down is a step in the right direction.

Perfect Your Morning Routine

Running out the door last minute with an ‘Up n Go’ in hand probably isn’t going to be the best way to wake up your brain and start your day.

Take the time to set the momentum by starting the day with a nutritious breakfast, exercise and hydration to perform at a high level all day.

Break Up The Challenging Tasks

We often sit on tasks for too long thinking that we must achieve them within a certain window to succeed. This isn’t true.

In order to do what you need to in the best possible way you need to break away when you’re not making progress.

The Pomodoro technique works well for a lot of people – work for 25 mins, break for 3-5 mins then recommence.

Establishing sessions where you have a set amount of time to focus followed by a set amount of time to refresh helps to avoid distractions and make progress on the tasks you’re working on.

Regroup and recap

Every 10 days, take a moment to look back at everything you’ve achieved in the previous 10 day period. Spend this time to reflect on everything you have achieved – the good, bad and in between. Doing this will enable to you identify what’s working and what you need to double down on.

Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t do.

By making these 4 things habits for yourself and team, you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals and building up the value of your business.

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