Driven to find your next level of success.

Over 45 years advising construction and industrial businesses is our unfair advantage – and we make it yours.


We’re Proactive

You get regular meetings with insights and ideas that make a real difference – plus our support on tap when it counts.


We’re On time

You get a response within 24 hours of any contact – and we complete all projects within 10 business days of commencement.


We’re Priced

You get certainty and value, with all our pricing completely up-front and transparent – so you’re never left facing the unknown.


We’re Clear

You get advice that’s completely accessible, documented, and leaves no room for being uncertain – our clarity becomes yours.


We’re Experts

You get a team of industry-leading experts who take their profession extremely seriously – always honing their skills.

Overview Our accounting & advisory approach takes you higher.

  • Family Business Experts Get respect & understanding of family business dynamics.

    Get respect & understanding of family business dynamics.

    Too many accounting firms are scared off by the dynamics of family business. They stay in the back seat, reporting history instead of shaping it – missing out on the greatest opportunities to evolve.

    We understand those dynamics first-hand – that’s our own history. So we can get in and ask the tough business questions, always collaborating and respecting our clients’ experience and hands-on knowledge.

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  • 3D Framework Get real-time insight on operations for strategy that’s totally on-point.

    Get real-time insight on operations for strategy that’s totally on-point.

    Starting with a two-way discovery process that leaves no stone unturned, we uncover your biggest risks and opportunities and share our own strengths – to scope meaningful work.

    Next our FuturePlan Workshop sets the goals for next level business, and the roadmap to get you there. Customised On-Track Review cycles guarantee momentum.

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  • 360 Hub Get trusted partner providers to make real change possible.

    Get trusted partner providers to make real change possible.

    Too many businesses fall down using providers not ready to reach the next level. You need services that embrace change and speak the language of growth.

    Over 4 decades we’ve curated a network of providers who speak that language, and we brief them for laser focus and instant action moving you up towards your goals.

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  • Construction, Manufacturing & Distribution Specialists Get specialist expertise in construction, manufacturing and distribution.

    Get specialist expertise in construction, manufacturing and distribution.

    We’ve built our expertise around the construction, manufacturing and distribution sectors. It’s a family tradition – it’s where we’ve learnt the ropes and mastered the tools and strategies for genuine client results.

    So working with us gets you all the trade secrets on driving construction profit, on making sure your manufacturing thrives as well as survives, and on rising above global supply chain disruptions in manufacturing.

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Meet the teamOur awesome creative team members

Alistair Dent

Head of Growth

A business advisory specialist, sitting on advisory boards of over a dozen businesses from $5M to $75M turnover, Alistair leads strategic workshops that tap every human resource to unleash smart, targeted growth.

Alistair relishes driving enterprise value and sharing his knowledge with clients.

Gavin Teiffel

Head of Operations

As a technical taxation specialist, Gavin leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of asset protection and strategic tax minimisation. He revels in creative thinking to solve complex problems.

Gavin makes sure your family business is structured strategically and for maximum protection.

Gary Dent

Taxation & SMSF Specialist

With nearly 50 years at the forefront of taxation, there’s little in the world of tax that Gary hasn’t seen. He brings unrivalled experience to advising clients on tax and superannuation matters.

Gary works closely with clients to set them and their families up for long term success.

Jonathan Teiffel

Consulting Accountant

Jonathan is a business services specialist, helping clients achieve results every day. Backed by 15 years of experience in advising clients, he brings fresh thinking to financial management.

Jonathan works with clients to achieve maximum control and minimum headache and risk.

Gareth Stead

Consulting Accountant

With over seven years of expertise, Gareth is a dedicated Client Advisor known for delivering exceptional results. He simplifies processes and provides top-notch service through his deep understanding of accounting software.

Gareth’s genuine and results-driven approach ensures clients receive only the best financial guidance.

Samuel Baker

Consulting Accountant

Sam brings over seven years of expertise to his role as Client Advisor. He has a sharp focus on helping clients unlock the true potential of their business, driven by a genuine passion for assisting people and ensuring client satisfaction.

Sam’s has an unwavering commitment to delivering projects on time and finding tailored solutions for clients.

Matt Beattie

General Manager

Sheila Guan

Team Manager

Manish Kumar

Team Manager

Arnel Catmon

Team Manager

Poorti Bajaj

Senior Accountant

Sheryl Pabustan

Senior Accountant

Xyra Mabasa

Senior Accountant

Faizah Tabarangao

Senior Accountant

Maryleena Shamoon


Tim Webb


Rossana Manipon


Jeneva Cuadra


Randall Gainer

Assistant Accountant

Beatrice Gage

Client Services Manager

Demi Sandeman

Client Services Assistant

Anneline Beattie

Client Services Assistant

Narelle Nuthall

Executive Assistant

Joymaeh Bagcat

Executive Assistant

Dean Bonnor

Marketing Coordinator


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