Navigating project-based business challenges often involves more than just understanding your gross profit numbers. There’s usually a noticeable gap between the GP you expect and what you actually see in your financial statements. Closing this gap is key to managing your resources more effectively and ensuring project success.

Here are some crucial focus areas to help manage and minimize this discrepancy:

Complete and Accurate Costing

Every cost associated with a project, especially labour costs, needs to be thoroughly documented and accurate. This includes direct labour, overheads, and indirect costs that impact the project’s overall financial outcome.

Check out our Labour Costing Calculator. We created this tool to help refine costing models, ensuring they reflect true costs and align with financial reporting standards.

Consistent Costing and Financial Reporting

Align your project costing practices with your financial reporting by using the same metrics and structures in your costings as you do in your reports. Inconsistencies here can lead to significant variances in expected versus actual profits.

Regular Reviews and Updates

The economic landscape is dynamic—your costing practices should be too. Regularly updating your methods in response to new market conditions and pricing shifts is crucial.

Strategic Resource Allocation

Allocate resources effectively, including manpower and materials, as this is critical. You must use resources efficiently and assess and meet project needs realistically.

Enhanced Project Tracking

Implement robust tracking mechanisms to monitor project progress and financial health throughout its lifecycle. This helps in identifying potential issues early and adjusting strategies promptly.

Strengthened Communication

Maintain clear and continuous communication across all levels of the project team. Ensure that everyone is aligned with the project goals and financial expectations.

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