“They don’t sit back and wait – they’re on the ball with options to improve the business”.

Adrian Van De Ven

The Challenge Changing of the Guard

Adrian van de Ven formed the CAMM Engineering Group in 1988 to service the steel industry south of Sydney. Over the decades the business flourished and expanded, with CAMMTHANE delivering moulded polyurethane products and CAMMPRO innovating with 3D printing and scanning across Australia.

After 32 years, Adrian wanted to inject some innovation into his business, and plan a generational ownership transition to his sons Marcus and Matthew. With an array of costly equipment infrastructure and a factory owned by super funds, CAMM’s complex depreciations and valuations posed a challenge.

The Opportunities Tapping the Knowledge

In tapping Quantum, Adrian wanted to actually improve the business while gearing up for change. With one son managing the factory and the other in sales and admin, Adrian needed a bridge between finance and strategy – and one that tapped his in-house knowledge too.

Quantum set up a series of workshops with key staff at CAMM to tap that knowledge and gather insights to improve the business. Quarterly cycle reviews and innovation sessions identified possibilities and made accountability a regular part of the culture. Succession planning was a focus, with valuations including contribution and goodwill.

The Outcome The Family that Profits

Now Marcus and Matthew – Adrian’s two sons – own 50% each of the two businesses. Adrian still touches base here and there, but after talking to customers and suppliers, Adrian’s been proud to hear that his sons are doing well.

Quantum secured a saving of $200k in Capital Gains Tax to help Adrian enter retirement. Now he and wife Cheryl are living their retirement dream, travelling Australia in a van. Adrian’s grateful for Quantum’s role in the successful transition, and appreciates the respect for family business that defines Quantum’s approach.