“They’ve got the knowledge on tap, and they can contribute it to the meeting so that we can keep things moving quickly.”

Ben Richardson

Tripling profits with construction and manufacturing specialists

Auspan Group is a family business in construction and manufacturing. They hit a point twelve years into their journey where good just wasn’t good enough anymore. They needed to up their game in profitability and ensure their future was secure. It was clear they needed someone who really got the ins and outs of their industry, someone who could steer them toward real growth.

As family business experts as well as specialists in construction and manufacturing, Quantum was uniquely placed to help. On top of taxation, Quantum was engaged to help with the strategic planning of Auspan and assisting at an advisory board level. Quantum provides Auspan with the wisdom needed for sensible, informed decision-making, crucial for guiding the company’s direction. Auspan is now on a journey toward tripling its net profit.