No matter how much we may want to put them on hold, we all have projects at work we need to start, right? Well, according to a recent survey of more than 300 human resources (HR) managers, the most productive day of the week to tackle those work-related projects is Tuesday.

Of the more than 300 HR managers interviewed, 39% cited Tuesday as the day of the week employees are generally the most productive, followed by Monday (24%) and Wednesday (14%). The least productive day of the week? It’s a tie between Thursday and Friday, both at 3%.

Additional Key Survey Results

  • Between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. is the least productive time of the workday, according to 37% of respondents. The most productive time of the day is between 10:00 a.m. and noon.
  • 51% of HR professionals said employees are more productive after a vacation, while 31% cited higher productivity levels before a holiday.
  • 34% of respondents said worker productivity takes a hit the week before a major holiday. Tuesday between 10:00 a.m. and noon following a vacation is the most productive day and time for employees.

Consider the following five tips to increase productivity – and make every day like Tuesday:

  1.  Axe the excess.
    Start by creating your to-do list for the day, then cut it in half, focusing on your top priorities. Too often, workers cram their to-do lists with tasks they hope to accomplish and become frustrated by their lack of progress. A smaller, more realistic list that leaves room for unexpected projects and setbacks will help you become more productive.
  2.  Aim for quality, not quantity.
    While it may seem like a good way to increase productivity, multitasking can lead to oversights and errors. Repeatedly switching from one project to another also slows you down. Do your best to focus on one item at a time.
  3.  Know your prime time.
    Take on critical or challenging assignments during the time of day when you’re the most productive. Handle less-pressing tasks, like online research, when your energy level starts to decrease.
  4.  Dodge distractions.
    You can increase productivity by turning off mobile devices and signing out of e-mail and social media. This allows you to give full attention to the task at hand. Also, politely inform your colleagues that you don’t want to be disturbed.