“Quantum lifted the lid on what was possible for our business – then helped us get there”.

Ben Myhill

The Challenge Fitting out, but not fit for growth

Spaceful – Ben Myhill’s family business – started out as Acacia Commercial Projects. When the Myhill’s took stock of their situation in 2015 they wanted more for their business, and more from their accountants. Growth had faltered, and the Myhill’s had lost faith in standard accounting services.

Switching to Quantum was initially about finding a clear direction, and building foundations like regular reporting and strategic planning. Ben also wondered whether a shot of new blood could secure the advice that helped fulfil their potential. He barely dared hope for the kind of exponential growth Spaceful would achieve.

The Opportunities Taking the Right Risk

Quantum’s team established the kind of proactive reporting that makes planning and strategy workshops possible. Backed by insights, the Spaceful leadership team took advice and made decisions on fundamental changes to the business model, including a focus on specialising on high-value fitouts. Action points had real timeframes and accountability, and cash flow ceased to be a stress.

With Spaceful ready to grow, they made a shrewd investment in an impressive new showroom in Canberra’s CBD – and the investment paid great dividends.

The Outcome Volume – But Profitability Too

Spaceful’s new model and focus on growth was a hit. Core staff have grown from 5 to 15 – but that growth has been far outstripped by the growth in sales and profit – both topping 500%. Ben sees it as a function of the growth culture inspired by Quantum, and by an evolution away from people and towards systems.

Whatever the mixture of causes, the Myhill’s have made Spaceful a success story of what happens when a family business dares to dream bigger.